Hair Facts


Hair is actually dead material when it leaves its root - otherwise it would hurt very much when your hairdresser works with his scissors. Most people know that, but do you know about these facts:


Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)A blonde head of hair has usually much more strands than red or dark hair heads.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)Hair consists mainly of keratin, which is also responsible for the elasticity of fingernails.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)A single hair has a thickness of 0.02 - 0.04mm, so that 20 - 50 hair strands next to each other make one millimetre.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)Hair is strong as a wire of iron. It rips after applying a force equivalent to 60kg, only after it stretched itself for about 70%.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)Even on a good hair day, everyone loses at least 40 to 100 strands.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)The average scalp has 100,000 strands, or just fewer than 1000 per square inch.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)We are born with all our hair follicles. Some are programmed to grow pigmented hair (as on our scalp) up to 3 feet in length.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)In America in '96, 38 million men and 19 million women experience common hair loss determined by heredity.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)The trait for baldness can be passed down through paternal or maternal genes.

Wh_ball.gif (967 bytes)Hormone imbalance and crash dieting can trigger temporary hair loss.


Hair care starts with washing

Pamper your hair by gentle circling movements

Whether shampoo, colour conditioner or treatment: Rinse your hair with plenty of water and make sure its not to hot

More is less, so use shampoo moderately. And your daily hair wash rule is - Only lather once!


Wet Hair

Give your hair more attention: shampooing has made it soft and extremely sensitive. Pat the wet hair carefully with a towel and dry it gently. Then wrap the towel around your hair in a turban so moisture can work into your hair for a couple of minutes

The ideal distance between your hair and the blow-dryer is 30 cm. And don't forget: medium power is the max! Remember, styling products containing little or no alcohol are kinder to your hair and keep it soft, shining and beautiful

Combing your hair properly is a matter of practice

Wet hair should be combed systematically. To do so, first disentangle it and start by combing the ends. Then, step-by-step work your way up to the hairline

Managing your hair requires different kind of combs: for wet hair you should only use combs that are softly rounded and have wide teeth

Your hair hates sharp edges, ordinary elastic bands and damaging back combing can cause long lasting damage, so avoid those stressful extremes